18th August, 2014

Mechanical puppetry sculptures at Federation Square, Melbourne

See the three sculptural shrines of handmade puppetry and electromechanical theatre created by Melbourne-based media artists, Cake Industries and Papermoon Puppet Theatre from Indonesia.
Each has its own identity representing past, present and future, yet together they create a circular loop of time. Like animated cabinets of curiosity, the moving sculptures are endlessly fascinating with their myriad of stimulants to feed the imagination.

“In our minds, time is not linear. Future becomes someone’s past, past has at one point been someone’s future, and all three periods overlap and intertwine in a complicated relationship that defies absolute definition.”

Anachron exhibited at Federation Square 13 - 22 June for the annual winter festival, The Light in Winter.
Co-commissioned by Fed Square Pty Ltd and City of Melbourne through the Arts Participation Program.

15th August, 2014

Charles Bukowski’s “The man with the beautiful eyes”
A collaboration between Animator Jonathan Hodgson and Illustrator Jonny Hannah.

I love this short. I still continue to look at it in awe even after 10+ years of first viewing it.

we were afraid
all throughout our lives
things like that
that nobody
to be
strong and
like that,
others would never
allow it,
and that
many people
would have to