27th November, 2012

littleBits has me dazzled. I love this sort of learning approach to science and electrical / mechanical engineering.

I come from a family of scientists, engineers and folks who are very in love with numbers and mechanical things. Personally though, numbers scare the crap out of me. I’m someone who has to visualize everything or recreate it with my own hands to understand it. Luckily, they gave me tons of legos, erector sets, train models and even freekin’ Capsela to play with. Toys like that helped me explore and see science-math-mechanical-electrical things as something fun. It’s probably one of the main reasons I’m not scared to fix something at home or change the power supply on my workstation.

I wish I could buy a bunch of kits and give them to a ton of little kids (they are 8+)…um AND ADULTS. The kits they are so cool.


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