3rd April, 2013

Paper Theaters … the PCP laced Crack of dioramas

Yes. I typed that title completely sober.

See, I love all things paper… but there are some things I don’t touch. Just like some drug users don’t go near certain substances. You can get real weird on paper theaters ( plus only a handful of people in the world would get it and you’d be stuck there in paper Mordor with them). Paper Theaters are beautiful but their historical and IMMENSE breath of crafty artistic nature is a whole other ball game when it comes to nerding out on paper.

BUT “if” one where to start their creative journey into paper theaters - it would have to be in person. Specifically in London in two different places : The Pollocks Toy Museum and the Benjamin Pollock’s Toy Shop.

Both are two separate but friendly entities where one can see a PLETHORA of different theatre types and parts.

What’s also lovely about the museum is their collection of other toys ranging from puppets, mechanical & optical toys, doll houses and tin toys.

Also at the shop, they have a huge collection of new theatres for sale. If you go there - do expect to get your mind blown into putty trying to decide which one you’d like to buy. It’s gonna be tough. Have a loved one hold your wallet before you go in.


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