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  1. Selling the loveable Sammy Goofy Dog Pitbull rescue card raised $120 dollars in January for two great rescue groups (PBRC & Rugaz Rescue).

    For the month of February - card sales will be split and donated directly to the PBRC and the rescue group BADRAP based out of Oakland, California.

    BADRAP is a wonderful rescue organization that does tons of educational public outreach events, training classes and was also part of the evaluating, rescue and placement of dogs from the Michael Vick’s dog fighting operation. The last part of that sentence is chronicled in the amazing book called “The Lost Dogs” — an exploration of the Vick case which sheds light on the true nature and ill-stigma of dogs labelled “Pit Bull”.

    On Feb 11th - BADRAP will have a bunch of the Goofy Dog Pitbull rescue cards available for sale at their “Meet Your Sweetheart - Valentine Day Open House” on Sat, Feb 11, 11:00 am. Location is BADRAP Berkeley Training Grounds: 2nd Street and Addison in Berkeley (California). **More specific information about the event can be found by clicking right HERE!

    If you can’t make it out to the event — the cards are available for purchase online!
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