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3rd June, 2013

The Secret Society of Paper Cuts - New Book!

Here is a small preview of the new Crankbunny How-To book called
The Secret Society of Paper Cuts.

The book is filled with a bunch of ridiculous little stories and crafty paper project chapters of fun. Learn and understand how to make pop up cards, paper puppet dolls and mechanical paper toys. Yes, its that JAM PACK full of fun and nerdy paper knowledge (with tons of templates… and you know we all love templates).

The book is now up for preorder and preview at http://www.secretsocietyofpapercuts.com !

June 15th is the main release date for the book. On June 15th, I’ll be making a more formal yell throughout the internet then. The digital PDF version will be available on June 15th too - along with a video flip book of the book.

This is the first public release of a SSoPC book. The journal happens to be chronicle by Sir Noah Darners. He lost a finger due to a paper cut injury. The Secret Society of Paper Cuts ( SSoPC ) is an imaginary group of people who explore the world while documenting paper craft techniques.

No monkeys were harmed in the making of the book (though a few were required to wear a pretty dress or two). Handmade, printed and published in the good ‘ol USA.

3rd March, 2013

Jan & Feb 2013 Pushing Up Daisies

The pop up cards that keep on giving! The Pushing Up Daisies pop up card (in either Boston Terrier or French Bulldog version) raised the following for the first two months of 2013!

For the Month of January
$38.00 for the FBRN (French Bulldog Rescue Network).
$56.00 for the BTRN (Boston Terrier Rescue Net)

For the Month of Feburary
$38.00 for the FBRN (French Bulldog Rescue Network).
$42.00 for the BTRN (Boston Terrier Rescue Net)

This pop up card is a regular 5x7 inch A7 card that opens to reveal EITHER a Boston Terrier or a French Bulldog in a field of flowery daisies. Each card comes with a natural white envelope. There is plenty of room on the inside for writing and a perfect card for lifting someone’s spirits.

100% of this card gets directly donated each month to the above rescues.

TO PURCHASE > Boston Terrier Pop Up Card

TO PURCHASE : French Bulldog Pop Up Card

19th February, 2013

All stocked up and ready to go!

Both the Crankbunny online store and Etsy store are stocked up once more. Took two weeks (jeeez… i know), but there are plenty more handmade pop up cards, paper dolls and robot toys! Yay!

Let it be known that “Robobbie the Electric Love" paper robot toy- is now available again for birthdays, parties, weddings, bar mitzvahs and general good times.

And guess what — there are two new scenic retro View-tastic! pop up cards too! Perfect for "Happy Birthdays" pool parties and "Love U" desert sunset anniversaries.

Check the goodies out at the shop - click here!

15th January, 2013

Everyone loves a makeover - even pop up greeting cards!

Nothing wrong with a little updating and finessing of a pop up card that is awesome — but could be even MORE awesome with tiny tweaks based on buyer input!** This winter I updated the very popular Butterfly pop up card.


This pop up card is of a garden with a beautiful butterfly that flaps and flies when you pull a tab back & forth. The tab is a small hinged leaf which turns out. The largest leaf folds out to a white area where one can write something special.


It is pretty much the same card - but I added some more garden artwork to the card. I also fixed some of the mechanical glitches that occur when having a pop up card with delicate moving paper parts.


This standard greeting size (A7 5x7) popup card is handmade. It also now has a new emblem on the envelope with space for writing.

PURCHASE the Butterfly pop up card - click here

**Trust me, I totally take into consideration suggestions and dare I even mention complaints about my cards from customers. I also tend to notice how folks use the card, who it mostly gets sent to (you all tell me - and I love it) and what sort of folks are into it.