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8th September, 2014

New music video from French trio Ödland takes DIY special effects to a whole other world by using elaborately constructed papercraft settings for their cosmic stop-motion animations.

I love real animation smooshed with live-action.

16th June, 2014

Felted Puppets Wrestle In Stop Motion Animation

Yes, apparently you can animate vomit with felt. And it works wonderfully.

Felted puppets come to life in the quirky stop motion animations of Emma De Swaef and Marc James Roels. The trailer for their short film called Fight!, which features two puppets engaging in a surprisingly graceful yet baffling wrestling match, was recently selected for the National Animation Festival in Bruz, France.

31st October, 2013

Every Halloween / Day of the Dead holiday - I like to share a small dark animated film called SODA that I finished a few year back. SODA is a fable about how life is run by a trifecta of magical spirit animals.

SODA was inspired by the visual folklore that different cultures (Spanish Day of the Dead paper cuttings, mythical shadow plays from Southeast Asia) have used for hundred of years to illustrate the why & how of human mortality.

The animated short features the use of animated shadow puppetry, projected silhouettes, plus traditional and stop-motion animation.

3rd December, 2011

“Robot Gets Its Wings”
Personal Project : Etsy
Type : Cut-out & stop motion, 60sec 2009
Premise : Everytime you buy or sell something handmade, a robot gets its wings.

Review from AdAge - http://adage.com/garfield/post?article_id=139144
“…It is simply magnificent — in a way that my book strongly implies CGA will seldom achieve. And in a way that the agency business had better take note of. In fact, here is what they should be saying: Uh-oh….”